I'm@Work (Sketch Series)
Vote Wally Panther!
 Standup, Improv and original music filmed live at the Ruby Theater, Hollywood, Ca.  Featuring Derek Carter, Asa Danekind, Billy Posley, B. Owen Robinson, Zack Beseda, Laura Mannino, Steve Randolph. Tamra Brown, Franklin Marshall III, Laura Mannino, Dick Beck and Tillery Johnson.  Watch it  HERE .
 In a world full of danger, a hero arrives. But why is he naked?  Follow along as a completely naked stranger rescues trapped citizens from a fire, frees hostages and foils a bank robbery, transplants a kidney in a broken-down ambulance and captures a community's heart. He meets a lost love and fights his brother to the death. All before anybody can finally ask . . . but why are you naked? Very funny and safe for work.  Watch it  HERE .
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